Trugreen Reviews why Knoxville Is Such an Allergy-Prone City

If you think that you are simply prone to allergies, or that your genes are playing a role in your runny nose and red eyes, you might be wrong. The reality is that the place in which you live might be the real culprit. This is something TruGreen, a professional lawn care company, has recently revealed through an extensive piece of research. While it is certainly true that some people are more susceptible to allergies than other people, there are also certain places in the country where these symptoms are far more likely to occur. Interestingly, according to TruGreen’s research, one of those places is Knoxville, TN.

Everything You Need to Know about the ABC of Allergies

Before you find out why TruGreen has named Knoxville the top city in the country for allergy-proneness, you need to increase your understanding of allergies as a whole. Allergies happen because of a variety of reasons and it is believed that genetics play a significant role in that. When your body is exposed to triggers and allergens, it starts to have a weaker defense mechanism. Eventually, this will lead to allergies. Allergens can enter the system through the lungs, the mouth, the nose, and even by touch.

Second, you must understand what allergens actually are. Experts agree that pet dander, pollen, mold spores, dust mites, and airborne weed, tree, and grass pollen all count as allergens. That does not mean that everyone is allergic to them, nor that everyone will start to develop allergies over time, not even if someone has genes that make them more likely to develop allergies. Unfortunately, it is not clear why some people’s immune system decides to overreact whenever it comes into contact with allergens.

It seems, therefore, that some people are simply unlucky. They start to experience things such as coughing, a stuffed nose, watery eyes, an itchy throat, dark circles under the eyes, and more. And, according to TruGreen, this is most commonly seen in Knoxville.

Knoxville Is Allergy Capital of the Country

Knoxville is the worst place for allergens in Spring. Top allergens, and this is why TruGreen are so interested, are grass and weed pollen, as well as mold spores. The pollen count is average in Knoxville, people seem to have more severe reactions to them, as the figures for sales of medicine in this area are much higher than anywhere in the world. What seems to make Knoxville so bad is that there is redtop grass and a garden sorrel.

TruGreen wants to work closely together with homeowners in the Knoxville area to make sure that their gardens are beautiful and free from things such as redtop grass. They encourage people to contact them in order to find out whether they have any redtop or other allergen plants in their environment. In so doing, they hope that Knoxville will soon be able to call itself safe and comfortable for everybody, all year long, again.

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