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Recovery Rates And Compression Socks

For a number of years now, individuals in Toronto and other major cities throughout North America have been faithfully wearing their compression socks during running events. Today, many runners swear that these socks help with good circulation and better performance….

Classic Routines for Amazing Abs

The Holy Grail of exercise, and of many of those that partake, has to be a great set of abs. Be it a six, or even eight pack, a toned and shapely midriff is seen as a sign of hard…

How to Make a Wooden Staff For Hiking

If you are an avid hiker then the use of a wooden staff as you hike can help you greatly, regardless of what you fitness levels are or whether you are you or old. The way in which a strong…

Make a Workout Fashion Statement

If you work out regularly, you’re quite aware of how big of a motivator getting in the right gear can be. Perhaps people who don’t work out much will be surprised but choosing the right workout clothes to go burn…

How to Start Exercising After a Break

There are different reasons people stop exercising. Sometimes it’s necessary to stop until the injury is healed. Also, more often than not people get tired of working out and simply give up on taking care of their body and health….