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Classic Routines for Amazing Abs

The Holy Grail of exercise, and of many of those that partake, has to be a great set of abs. Be it a six, or even eight pack, a toned and shapely midriff is seen as a sign of hard…

How to Start Exercising After a Break

There are different reasons people stop exercising. Sometimes it’s necessary to stop until the injury is healed. Also, more often than not people get tired of working out and simply give up on taking care of their body and health….

How to Prepare for a Marathon

Running a marathon is a great project to undertake, it will not only get you in fantastic shape but it will test you and your mental strength as you both train for the marathon and run the actual event itself….

Top Tips for Mastering the Art of Self Discipline

Photo by CC user Lance Cpl. Scott M. Biscuiti (public domain) Without self-discipline, human beings wouldn’t be able to achieve any of our goals. Self-discipline is necessary for operating successfully in everyday life, as well as being crucial in achieving our…