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4 Beach Wedding Gift Ideas

Beach weddings are the new talk amongst younger newlyweds. They allow for so much flexibility in everything in regards to planning your wedding, wedding clothes, food, photographs, and even wedding gifts. If the wedding is going to be at the…

Why Everyone Needs To Flirt A Little When Dating Online

With the security net of the computer screen, online dating can seem like a free for all, with inappropriate messages flying towards unsuspecting singles. Of course, everyone needs to flirt a little online, that’s how the chemistry starts. That considered,…

Strategy for Dealing with a Crazy Ex

No one thinks when they are in the beginning of dating bliss, that this sweet and loving person has the capacity to turn into anything else. But we can find ourselves in a situation where the former angel is now…

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4 ways to make a success of online dating

Whether you are dreaming of dating Brisbane, Bundaberg or Ipswich singletons, or even looking for love further afield, there are a few things that can do to improve your chance of getting more dates and finding someone to suit you….