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Land of Talk Featured on STEREOGUM

The band was featured on a STEREOGUM article for the debut EP Applause Cheer Boo Hiss where it was short listed as best debut record of the year. Amrit Singh of STEREOGUM said of Liz and the band: “piercing, pristine…

Liz Powell Featured in Exclaim

Nicole Villenueve of Exclaim interviewed Liz for an in-depth interview and discussed with her things about her artistry, the band’s music, how she was able to work behind the scenes for the band’s albums and the second LP Cloak and…

How to Become an Indie Rock Star?

Wanna become a rock star? Many think that it’s a long shot to get discovered and play in front of people. With the digital media age, you certainly don’t need a Clive Davis or an Ahmet Ertegun to be discovered….

5 Ways to Beat Boredom on the Road

A road trip can be a lot of fun, adventurous and educational, but sometimes the monotony of the long distance trip becomes boring. There are strategies you can use to avoid boredom during your trip and make the trip enjoyable….