How Charles Infor Interviews Potential Hires

When you go for an interview, you anticipate the standard questions. Some questions will be case scenarios – what would you do if…? – and others are the one we all hate. Questions like: What are your strengths and weaknesses?…


Driven: an interview with entrepreneur Irina Dorko

Irina Dorko sleeps, eats, and breathes fashion and fitness. She has launched several successful start-ups that help women achieve a better quality of life while looking good along the way. Irina defines style and grace and has the drive and…


Ready to Take the Fight to Chronic Pain?

If you have ever suffered from chronic pain, you truly know what an uphill battle it can be. Chronic pain impacts both your personal and professional lives, leaving you little time to feel like your old self once again. That…


Travelling lifestyles of the rich and famous

Ever wonder how the rich and famous travel? While some are humble and try to blend in with the common people, others are so recognizable that they cannot pull it off. In other cases, some simply have tastes and expectations…


Trends in website designs right now

The world wide web has come a long way from its humble beginnings. Evolving from simple pages capable of displaying only text, hyperlinks and photos, today’s websites offer a user experience that goes far beyond what anyone could have imagined…

Hands of a taxi driver, Calcutta Kolkata India

Would You Pass Your Driving Test Abroad?

Learning and being able to drive in your own country is one thing and whilst many of us rent cars abroad and adapt to the different conditions, how do you think you would fare taking a test abroad? Whilst the…

Digital StillCamera

Improve Your Range of Hunting

If hunting calls you numerous times a year, do you always answer the call with the best range of gear and weapons? For many hunters nationwide, having the top equipment for each and every foray into the woods is crucial….